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Is XCMG’s Rotary Drilling Rig A Fan Of Nigeria?
Publication Date: 2024-01-11   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:5 Back
At present, at the Ikot LPG natural gas construction project site in Nigeria, 15 small and medium-sized XCMG rotary drilling rigs are taking over the entire site.

The site geology of this project is mostly sandy soil. XCMG's small and medium-tonnage rotary drilling rigs with high stability and high flexibility have become the first choice of customers. A total of more than 10,000 piles have been constructed, with pile depths exceeding 70m, and most pile hole diameters reaching 1-1.2m. . XCMG XR200E rotary drilling rig can drill piles with a small diameter of 600mm, and can also handle piles with a medium diameter of 1.2m.

Is XCMG’s Rotary Drilling Rig A Fan Of Nigeria?
With fast drilling speed, high pile formation rate and low failure rate, XCMG small and medium-tonnage rotary drilling rigs have made great achievements on site and won praise and recognition from customers.

XCMG and I have been partners for many years. Since using XCMG XR150DIII rotary drilling rig in 2019, there has never been any failure. The nanny-style service and 24-hour on-call after-sales service allow us to buy and use it with confidence. We will also purchase large-scale XCMG rotary drilling rigs for construction in the future.

Is XCMG’s Rotary Drilling Rig A Fan Of Nigeria?

In 2019, XCMG XR150DIII rotary drilling rig entered Nigeria for the first time and became famous in one battle. It was the rainy season at that time, and the construction site of the XCMG rotary drilling rig was in the downstream area. After the rain receded, the performance of the machine was not affected at all. The construction team praised the XCMG rotary drilling rig repeatedly.

Is XCMG’s Rotary Drilling Rig A Fan Of Nigeria?
> Piling Machine In Turkey: Celebrating A Decade Of Partnership With ASCENDUM!
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​Ten years ago, SANY started a strategic partnership with ASCENDUM, a Turkish leading construction, infrastructure and industrial equipment supplier. The cooperation introduced hundreds of SANY piling machines to various construction site in Turkey.
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[ 2023-12-25 ]
Recently, LIUGONG's super large-tonnage stone forklift F500N rolled off the production line. This is a 40-50-ton forklift specially developed by LIUGONG for stone working conditions. It is also LiuGong's largest tonnage stone forklift at present.
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