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LiuGong was founded in 1958 in Liuzhou, China. Based upon units sold, LiuGong is one of the largest wheel loader manufacturers in the world. LiuGong has received growing recognition as a major global competitor, and is ranked 17th among construction machine companies in the world. With the expansions realized in 2011, and continued growth and expansion planned for 2012 and beyond, LiuGong is clearly targeting to become an even bigger player in the construction equipment industry.
38.2ton Bulldozer B320
26.28ton Bulldozer B230R
24.54ton Bulldozer B230
18.5ton Bulldozer B161CL
18.5ton Bulldozer B160CL
17.0ton Bulldozer B160C
67.7ton Bulldozer TD-40E
HBXG was founded in 1950, the production base now is a leading manufaturer of bulldozers in China ,which ranges from 120—-330 horse power. Since 1996, HBXG continuously took a bulldozer market share of over 33% of China with an annual output of over 1000 units, meanwhile, the bulldozers have also been exported to over 20 countries and regions around the world.
17.5ton Bulldozer TS140 Swamp
17.5ton Bulldozer TS140HW
16.2ton Bulldozer T140-1
18.3ton Bulldozer TS165-2 Swamp
18.3ton Bulldozer TS165-2HW
18.3ton Bulldozer TYS165-2HW
18.3ton Bulldozer TYS165-2
17.55ton Bulldozer TY165-2
17.2ton Bulldozer T165-2
17.3ton Bulldozer SD6GLGP
17.5ton Bulldozer SD6GHW
16.5ton Bulldozer SD6G
25.67ton Bulldozer SD7HW
23.8ton Bulldozer SD7
Shantui was originally known as a bulldozer company, but today features the entire gamut of construction machinery, from wheel loaders and excavators, to graders, rollers, pipelayers, cement trucks, forklifts and much more. The bulldozer remains Shantui’s flagship product, as the company has become the world’s second or third largest brand-maker of this top-of-the-line product in the construction machinery industry. In China alone Shantui holds a 65% market share in bulldozers.
0.8ton Bulldozer SD08YS
0.8ton Bulldozer SD08YE
0.86ton Bulldozer SD08US-3
0.86ton Bulldozer SD08S-3
0.86ton Bulldozer SD08U-3
0.79ton Bulldozer SD08-3
0.765ton Bulldozer SD08
5.0ton Bulldozer SS42D
4.07ton Bulldozer SS32D
0.95ton Bulldozer SD10YS
0.92ton Bulldozer SD10YE
1.05ton Bulldozer SD11
1.5ton Bulldozer SD13R
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13U
1.4ton Bulldozer SD13S
1.4ton Bulldozer SD13US
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13PLUS
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13C
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13YR
1.3ton Bulldozer SD13YS
1.2ton Bulldozer SD13YE
1.8ton Bulldozer SD16TL
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16TC
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16TF
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16T
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16R
1.8ton Bulldozer SD16L
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16H
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16G
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16F
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16E
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16C
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16-3CE
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16PLUS
1.7ton Bulldozer SD16
1.89ton Bulldozer DH17
1.99ton Bulldozer SD20-5LNG
2.36ton Bulldozer SD22W
2.57ton Bulldozer SD22S
2.6ton Bulldozer SD22R
2.34ton Bulldozer SD22J
2.34ton Bulldozer SD22H
2.34ton Bulldozer SD22G
2.47ton Bulldozer SD22F
2.46ton Bulldozer SD22E
2.46ton Bulldozer SD22D
2.4ton Bulldozer SD22C
2.34ton Bulldozer SD22
2.345ton Bulldozer SD22PLUS
2.46ton Bulldozer SD23
3.9ton Bulldozer SD32-5
3.8ton Bulldozer SD32W
3.77ton Bulldozer SD32R
3.72ton Bulldozer SD32G
3.72ton Bulldozer SD32F
3.75ton Bulldozer SD32D
3.72ton Bulldozer SD32
3.72ton Bulldozer SD32PLUS
5.4ton Bulldozer SD42-3
7.06ton Bulldozer SD52-5
10.5ton Bulldozer SD90-5
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