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LIUGONG Electric Equipment Helps Holcim Group Achieve Carbon Reduction Goals
Publication Date: 2024-04-11   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:6 Back
Recently, Holcim Group purchased 600 LIUGONG electric equipment in bulk, covering wheel loaders, excavators and mining wide-body vehicles.

Holcim Group is the world's leading building materials manufacturing company and a global leader in sustainable building solutions, with net sales of CHF 27 billion in 2023. In 2021, Holcim Group purchased the first batch of Liugong electric loaders to serve the group's concrete mixing stations. LIUGONG electric loaders are equipped with a high battery capacity of more than 400 kWh and an efficient electric drive system, which can run continuously for more than 8 hours.

"We take it as our mission to continuously reduce building carbon emissions and further achieve sustainable and efficient operations. This batch purchase of LIUGONG electric equipment will further promote the company's goal of reducing carbon emissions by 30% in 2030." Chief Procurement Officer of Holcim Group Rajesh Surana said.

LIUGONG began to develop electric smart products in 2014 and now has a complete set of electric equipment solutions. LIUGONG's electric equipment has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, high efficiency, reliability, wide adaptability and easy maintenance. It has been successfully promoted and applied in China, ASEAN, Europe, North America and India.

"After years of cooperation, Holcim Group and LIUGONG have established a long-term, lasting, mutually beneficial and win-win strategic partnership." Luo Guobing, senior vice president of the joint-stock company, said that the order for 600 LIUGONG electric equipment signed this time is LIUGONG's It is a reflection of sincere cooperation and progress hand in hand with Holcim Group. LIUGONG will continue to adapt to future market development and further help Holcim Group and the entire construction industry achieve carbon reduction goals and practice green and sustainable development through continuous improvement of comprehensive electric solutions and innovation and change.

LIUGONG Electric Equipment Helps Holcim Group Achieve Carbon Reduction Goals
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