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Over 3 billion! SANY Heavy Industry's Breakthrough In The Low-carbon Market!
Publication Date: 2024-05-28   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:4 Back
With the fourth industrial revolution superimposed on the third energy revolution, the world is in an unprecedented super technology window period.

Faced with the new situation,  SANY seizes the opportunity for green and low-carbon transformation, comprehensively promotes the electrification of host products and the development of related core components and technologies, and is committed to creating high-quality, low-energy consumption, high-experience low-carbon products. In 2023, electric products will achieve revenue of 3.146 billion yuan, and hydrogen energy products will achieve revenue of 130 million yuan, leading to the industry's low-carbon trend.

Over 3 billion! SANY Heavy Industry's Breakthrough In The Low-carbon Market!
In the field of low-carbonization,  SANY took the lead in layout and established a new energy technology committee in 2021 to manage new energy technology development planning, patent layout, forward-looking technology research, and new technology industry incubation. All its product divisions have established electrification operations and scientific research teams to comprehensively promote the electrification of engineering vehicles, excavators, loaders, lifting machinery, and other products, focusing on the three major technical routes of pure electric, hybrid, and hydrogen fuel, and continuously iterating low-carbon products.

In 2023 alone, Sany Heavy Industry launched more than 130 new products, including the world's first fully electric rotary excavator and a hydrogen mixer equipped with a self-developed fuel cell system. It not only meets customers' needs for green and low-carbon transformation but also strives to create greater value for customers through innovation, which can significantly reduce customers' full life cycle use costs.

Over 3 billion! SANY Heavy Industry's Breakthrough In The Low-carbon Market!

At the same time, to further enhance its low-carbon core competitiveness,  SANY has made layouts in five major directions, including battery cells, electric drive axle technology, VCU centralized control platform, charging and swapping stations, fuel cell systems and control technologies, through independent development and external strategic cooperation. Focusing on high voltage, high efficiency, and integration, it focuses on breakthroughs in core technologies such as integrated electric drive axles, skateboard chassis, and electronic and electrical architecture.

In 2023,  SANY obtained 275 low-carbon patents, and three integrated electric drive axles were successfully rolled off the production line for loading, with a load range of 11.5T to 16T, matching tractors, mixer trucks, and dump trucks, breaking through industry difficulties and reaching industry-leading levels.

Over 3 billion! SANY Heavy Industry's Breakthrough In The Low-carbon Market!

Relying on strong product competitiveness and R&D and innovation capabilities,  SANY has achieved rapid growth in the low-carbon market year after year. At present,  SANY has achieved an industry-leading position in the field of new energy engineering equipment that can be commercialized. In 2023, it will achieve electric and hybrid product revenue of 3.146 billion yuan and hydrogen energy product revenue of 130 million yuan. Among them, the sales volume of electric mixer trucks increased by 47% year-on-year, maintaining the first market share for three consecutive years, and the sales market share of electric cranes has remained the first in the industry.

In the future, around the "low-carbonization" strategy,  SANY will continue to strengthen its R&D capabilities and product core competitiveness and strive to promote green and sustainable development models in all aspects, build a full-process green production chain based on source carbon reduction, process carbon reduction, and terminal carbon reduction, provide inexhaustible power for the high-quality development of enterprises, promote industry transformation and upgrading, and contribute to China's realization of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" and global clean energy transformation.
> ZOOMLION's Innovative Equipment
[ 2024-06-19 ]
"The whole system only requires 2-3 people, and the construction efficiency is fast. The average daily construction area can reach 100 square meters per person, more than twice the traditional efficiency." Recently, when the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's research team was investigating the smart construction pilot work in Changsha, the on-site person in charge introduced Zoomlion's mechanized wall construction system to the research team. At the site, the research team recognized Zoomlion's high-quality building materials, advanced mechanized construction technology, and intelligent construction equipment for their advantages of high performance, high quality, and high efficiency.
> Global Debut - A New Generation Of Loader Equipped With Long-Life Batteries
[ 2024-05-10 ]
On April 28, 2024, LONKING and CATL held the global launch ceremony of the loader equipped with long-life batteries at the Longyan base of LONKING. This is another major move for the two parties to work together after the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Lonking and CATL in February this year, which set off a wave of electrification in the loader industry. Mr. Lai Yongjie, Executive President of CATL Commercial Vehicles, Mr. Zheng Kewen, Executive Director and Vice President of LONKING, and other leaders attended the global launch ceremony.
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