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Conquering Extreme Working Conditions LIUGONG Equipment Speaks For Itself With Strength
Publication Date: 2023-09-21   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:8 Back
In the midsummer of August, LIUGONG's overseas trip reporting team visited Uzbekistan, Asia's only double landlocked country, and went deep into cement plants, coal mining areas, road construction and other working conditions to experience the strong strength of LIUGONG's equipment. Uzbekistan is far away from the ocean and suffers from drought and little rain all year round. Therefore, most areas are hot, dry and dusty in summer, which places higher requirements on the performance of construction machinery and equipment.
"Whether it's extremely cold or extremely hot, LiuGong's equipment has reliable quality and timely service, which makes us feel very reassured." A road construction customer on the Surhan River in Uzbekistan said. This is the first time this customer has chosen LIUGONG equipment. Out of trust in the LIUGONG brand, he purchased 23 units at one time.

Support the livelihood infrastructure construction of Surhan River

In the Sulhan River, two LIUGONG 930E excavators are excavating roadbed sand and soil. Several mining trucks shuttle back and forth. It only takes about 3 minutes for the LIUGONG excavator to skillfully fill a truck with sand.
When it comes to the LIUGONG 930E excavator, Farruch, an operator with 30 years of experience in driving construction machinery, gave a thumbs up. "I started using this LIUGONG excavator three months ago. The equipment has been working for 2,000 hours. The equipment has high working efficiency and performs very well."

About 800 meters away, LIUGONG B230 bulldozers and 6616E road rollers are also doing bulldozing and compaction operations. "The LIUGONG B230 bulldozer is very convenient to operate. It is not only highly efficient but also consumes low fuel. I like it very much." said Avaz, an operator who has used equipment from many European and American brands.

Due to the particularity of the road construction environment and the climate, customers here often value the equipment's adaptability to extreme working conditions, the work efficiency of the equipment, as well as the brand's accessory support and service guarantees, and LIUGONG can meet these needs. 

Conquering Extreme Working Conditions LIUGONG Equipment Speaks For Itself With Strength

Uzbekistan is rich in gold, copper, iron, coal, potash and other resources. In recent years, as the country's mineral resources development efforts have continued to increase, global engineering machinery and equipment have also ushered in development opportunities.

At a coal mining site in Tashkent, LiuGong's 890H loader was seen loading cinders into the train skin. The coal ash was flying all over the sky, but LiuGong's equipment was still powerful.
"This is the first LIUGONG equipment I have driven. This equipment has been used for about two months and has worked for 1,600 hours. During use, the 890H loader performed very well, better than other machines I have driven before. Branded equipment should be better," said operator Rasul.

"Loaders working here face severe challenges every day. On the one hand, they have to face harsh construction environments such as high dust, and on the other hand, they have to withstand high-intensity operations that average 21-24 hours a day. It is very challenging. The reliability of the equipment." The manager in charge of equipment management in the coal mine said that LIUGONG's equipment has stable performance and is a good helper in their coal mine. Not long ago, the coal mine ordered another piece of LIUGONG equipment.

In addition, at the Tashkent Conch Cement Joint Venture Co., Ltd., two LIUGONG 856H loaders are also operating around the clock, loading and unloading cinders at night and transferring materials during the day, competing with many global construction machinery brands. This 6,300-ton daily clinker cement production line project invested and constructed by a Chinese enterprise is actively implementing the “One Belt, One Road” initiative and continuously contributing to the economic cooperation between China and Ukraine.

Conquering Extreme Working Conditions LIUGONG Equipment Speaks For Itself With Strength

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