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Use of Small Wheel Loader Attachments
Publication Date: 2024-02-20   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:13 Back
Compact wheel loaders are named because of their compact size. With higher fuel efficiency, lower maintenance costs, better operating experience and smoother driving, they are popular and widely utilized.
In addition to the functions of loading and transporting, today's small wheel loaders can become special-shaped loaders by replacing attachments, exploring new application areas for compact wheel loaders.

Use of Small Wheel Loader Attachments

Commonly used attachments for small wheel loaders:
1. Bucket
As the most widely used area of wheel loaders, buckets can be used for excavation, lifting, loading, leveling and other operations. Buckets have different selection types depending on the usage scenarios. The most common ones are engineering buckets used to load bulk materials such as building materials and gravel. Most have teeth that can be welded to increase durability. As well as large-capacity lightweight material buckets for loading grain, plastics and other lightweight materials.

2. Pitchfork
Pitchforks are the most widely used on farms. A must for working in recycling, demolition, land clearing, or any other job that requires moving materials that won't fit neatly into a bucket.

3. Forks
This attachment allows the wheel loader to act like a forklift or telehandler, lifting and moving objects on the pallet. Compact wheel loaders can carry weights and heights that ordinary forklifts cannot reach, and the speed is much higher than ordinary forklifts. You can choose a loader to work when the working environment is harsh or the distance is relatively long.
Quick change device

In order to complete the attachment replacement faster and faster, it is recommended that you choose a loader with a quick-change device, which can easily complete the attachment replacement work.
Compact wheel loaders have the usual buckets, forks and wooden pitchforks. We also have clampers, snowplows, four-in-one buckets, rotary diggers, snow shovels, etc., which can be combined with compact wheel loaders to complete more work. For more questions about loaders and accessories, please feel free to contact us.
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