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Information About Truck Cranes
Publication Date: 2024-02-01   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:11 Back
Truck crane
Lifting equipment
A truck crane is a crane installed on an ordinary car chassis or a special car chassis.

Information About Truck Cranes

China's truck-mounted cranes were born in the 1960s. After nearly 50 years of development, there have been three major technological improvements. They were the introduction of Soviet technology in the 1970s, the introduction of Japanese technology in the 1980s, and the introduction of Japanese technology in the 1990s. German technology.
But generally speaking, China's truck-mounted crane industry has always followed the path of independent innovation and has its own clear development path. Especially in recent years, China's truck-mounted crane industry has achieved considerable development.
The current generation of China's new generation truck crane products has a large-scale application of pilot proportional control in the operation mode of lifting operations. It has good fine-tuning performance and precise control performance, small operating force, and is not prone to fatigue. In the process of moving towards the international market, the quality level of China's truck crane industry has improved rapidly in recent years, which has also been highly recognized by international users. Due to the standardized use of products and the high professional quality of users, the quality feedback of exported products is higher than in There has been a significant reduction in the domestic market, and the product response is good.

Information About Truck Cranes
1. The luxurious full cab and control room have a modern streamlined style;
2. High power, low fuel consumption, and noise meets national standards;
3. The walking platform is fully covered, making it easy to work and inspect on the vehicle;
4. The outrigger system adopts double-sided operation, which is convenient and practical;
5. The various performance indicators of the product have basically reached the performance indicators of Tadano's 50-ton product; truck crane

Information About Truck Cranes
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