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ZOOMLION Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States
Publication Date: 2024-02-27   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:6 Back
On February 19, local time, the American ARA exhibition opened grandly in New Orleans. At the world's largest equipment and activity rental trade show, Zoomlion showed up with earthmoving machinery, aerial work machinery, industrial vehicles and other high-quality products to show the world the heroic appearance of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment.

Zoomlion Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States

ZOOMLION appears at ARA exhibition in the United States
As one of the industry's major events, the American ARA Exhibition attracts tens of thousands of equipment and activity rental professionals of all types every year. In recent years, the North American construction machinery market has seen strong demand in the segment of miniaturized equipment. This time, based on full preliminary research and combined with the characteristics of the North American market, ZOOMLION has brought a variety of "small but beautiful" ingenuity Excellent product.

Take earthmoving machinery products as an example. This time, ZOOMLION brought two micro-sized equipment, the ZE35GU excavator and the ZS090V skid steer loader, and a variety of attachments to the exhibition. It has made adaptive improvements in many aspects for the North American market and is more closely in line with the needs and preferences of local customers. . Among them, the ZE35GU excavator adopts a stronger chassis structure and strengthened working devices. The customized load-sensitive hydraulic system improves the micro-controllability of the entire machine operation; the ZS090V skid steer loader can be steered in place, and its modular design allows it to carry 200 Various functional attachments are provided to achieve small space, multi-function and multi-scenario construction. North American customers have shown strong interest in the two products, and there is an endless stream of customers coming to test ride and make inquiries.

Zoomlion Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States
On-site customer consultation experience Zoomlion earthmoving machinery products
In addition, the straight-arm aerial work platform and multiple models of forklifts such as SD35 and YB16R also attracted a lot of attention. Zoomlion's products are recognized and favored by North American users, and it has received over 10 million yuan in orders and intended orders on site.

Zoomlion Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States

Customers visit Zoomlion’s booth
The North American market is an important part of Zoomlion's global layout. After 17 years of development, Zoomlion has relied on its North American subsidiaries to build a logistics network and spare parts supply system covering the American market. Zoomlion is using more excellent products and more complete services to create greater value for customers around the world and achieve win-win cooperation.
Zoomlion Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States
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