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My Country's Oil And Gas Production Equivalent Will Exceed 390 Million Tons In 2023
Publication Date: 2024-03-11   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:5 Back
Comprehensive report by China Petroleum News Data released by the National Energy Administration on January 9 show that my country’s domestic oil and gas production equivalent will exceed 390 million tons in 2023, maintaining a rapid growth momentum of 10 million tons for 7 consecutive years, setting a record high.

Liu Hong, director of the Petroleum and Natural Gas Department of the National Energy Administration, said that crude oil production reached 208 million tons, an increase of more than 3 million tons year-on-year, and a substantial increase of nearly 19 million tons compared with 2018. The fundamentals of long-term stable domestic crude oil production of 200 million tons have been further consolidated. Shale oil exploration and development are advancing steadily. The construction of three national-level demonstration zones in Xinjiang Jimsar, Daqing Gulong, and Shengli Jiyang and the Qingcheng shale oil field has been accelerated. The multi-well type test in the Qintong Sag in northern Jiangsu has achieved commercial breakthroughs. Shale oil The output exceeded 4 million tons, setting a new high.

"Natural gas production reached 230 billion cubic meters, maintaining the momentum of increasing production by 10 billion cubic meters for seven consecutive years." Liu Hong said that the three major basins of Sichuan, Ordos, and Tarim are the main areas for increasing production. Since 2018, the increased production has accounted for 1% of the country's total increased natural gas production. 70%. Unconventional natural gas production exceeded 96 billion cubic meters, accounting for 43% of total natural gas production, becoming an important growth pole for increasing natural gas reserves and production.

My Country's Oil And Gas Production Equivalent Will Exceed 390 Million Tons In 2023
> Working Principle Of Truck Crane
[ 2024-03-27 ]
The driving cab and lifting control room of the truck crane are set up separately. The advantages of the truck crane are good maneuverability and rapid transfer. The disadvantage is that it requires outriggers when working, cannot travel under load, and is not suitable for working on soft or muddy sites.
> ZOOMLION Appears At ARA Exhibition In The United States
[ 2024-02-27 ]
On February 19, local time, the American ARA exhibition opened grandly in New Orleans. At the world's largest equipment and activity rental trade show, Zoomlion showed up with earthmoving machinery, aerial work machinery, industrial vehicles and other high-quality products to show the world the heroic appearance of China's intelligent manufacturing equipment.
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