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27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!
Publication Date: 2023-08-31   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:6 Back
27 hours non-stop construction
2640 meters of oil pipeline laying
XCMG Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig
Create a new construction record in Nigeria
27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!

Recently, XCMG's large-tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig XZ6600 appeared in Nigeria and successfully completed the first drilling of the Nigerian oil pipeline laying project. It set a record of 27 hours of non-stop construction, a pipe diameter of 12.75 inches and a length of 2640 meters, and created a local trenchless drilling performance. Industry construction records.

As a country in southeastern West Africa, Nigeria has a hot and rainy climate. Directional drilling needs to pass through layers of sand, clay, gravel, and across the Niger River, making construction difficult. XZ6600 is stable and reliable, and can perfectly overcome the problem of long-distance crossing on complex terrain. It takes advantage of strong power, precise control and stable output to successfully overcome engineering difficulties.
27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!

XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig is a large-tonnage horizontal directional drilling rig independently developed by XCMG. It has fast rotation speed, large torque, large push-pull force, and the maximum pull-back force can reach 6600kN. It is suitable for large-aperture and long-distance working conditions.

In addition, XCMG's horizontal directional drilling rig is equipped with XCMG's "torque adaptive automatic cruise construction technology" and "multi-working condition speed regulation and multi-speed control technology for rotation and push-pull". It can adapt to different construction conditions and learn independently, and the operation is convenient and stable, reducing labor intensity and increasing construction efficiency. Equipped with a digital display system, construction parameters such as rotation torque and push-pull force do not need to be converted, saving worry and effort.

27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!

When the pipeline was drilled out of the ground, the Nigerian customer excitedly posted on ins: "Everyone on site was very excited when they saw the pipe head at the other end. This is the first success of directional drilling in Nigeria. Celebration. 27 hours of continuous dragging back to complete 2640 meters, including a golden weld!"

27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!

This project is equipped with the "best combination" of XCMG XZ6600 horizontal directional drilling rig + XMP2800 mud pump station. The mud pump can automatically start and stop or idle with one click according to the construction status, greatly saving mud consumption and reducing construction costs. In the process, intelligent remote control, flow control, status detection, and fault diagnosis are realized, greatly improving work efficiency.

As a leader in the trenchless field, XCMG XZ6600 has performed well in all major projects and successfully participated in the construction of ultra-long-distance crossings of super projects such as the Dongxing branch line of the gas transmission pipeline supporting the Sino-Kufts Refining and Chemical Industry and the Sinopec pipeline laying project.

27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!

In the face of the trust and support of customers, XCMG Foundation will live up to its trust, make intensive efforts in the field of trenchless construction, improve the adaptability and reliability of products globally, provide customers with more comprehensive construction equipment and solutions, and promote the development of XCMG products. Effective worldwide.
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