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The King Of Efficiency! XCMG Super Equipment Competes In Plateau Copper Mines
Publication Date: 2023-09-12   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:6 Back
Tibet's Yulong Copper Mine, with an altitude of more than 5,400 meters, is one of the world's extreme construction conditions. The permafrost layer that does not thaw all year round and the high-altitude and cold climate are a challenge for both people and machines. However, this is where XCMG open-pit mining equipment A stage to show off your talents.

Break the monopoly and become famous in one battle

Yulong Copper Mine is a testing ground for China’s super mining equipment and foreign brands to compete on the same stage. From the initial testing of a small bid section to becoming the main force in the entire mine today, XCMG's large mining excavators, mining dump trucks and other complete sets of equipment have successfully taken root in the mines with their ultimate construction performance and excellent product performance.

The King Of Efficiency! XCMG Super Equipment Competes In Plateau Copper Mines

Performance under extreme conditions better reflects the quality of the product. Mr. Ma, who has been engaged in mining and stripping work in the mine, witnessed this process, "After XCMG entered the market, Chinese mining equipment became famous with its unique cost performance, especially its ultra-high efficiency. Moreover, on average, the average mining equipment per unit In terms of cost, XCMG also has great advantages.”

The King Of Efficiency! XCMG Super Equipment Competes In Plateau Copper Mines

XCMG mining equipment products are particularly cost-effective. “Since Chinese industrial brands represented by XCMG were able to produce ultra-large high-end excavators and mining trucks, the previous monopoly of imported equipment in mining areas was suddenly broken. After using XCMG products, the overall operating cost has been reduced. , the mines can also devote more funds to process upgrades. This is really a huge contribution to China's mining industry." Mr. Ma was deeply moved by this.

Service guarantee, operation upgrade

"The products are excellent and the service adheres to the highest gold standard in the industry. This is one of the important reasons why we have purchased XCMG mining machines in batches three times in a row," said Mr. Ma. In 2019, the Yulong Copper Mine bidding section where Mr. Ma is located purchased the first XCMG 70-ton mining excavator. Along with the new products, there is also a team of XCMG technical and service experts stationed in the mining area. They work meticulously, leaving early and returning late to ensure the efficient operation of the equipment throughout the day.

The King Of Efficiency! XCMG Super Equipment Competes In Plateau Copper Mines

“The most impressive time was when the mining area encountered a rare heavy rain. In order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, XCMG Mining Machinery service personnel did not leave the mining area for several days and nights to respond to possible emergencies at any time. This made us very Touched!” Mr. Ma still clearly remembers, “In addition to the considerate service and professional skills, XCMG workers’ sincere, enthusiastic and customer-oriented attitude is also recognized. At the beginning of the contact between the two parties, XCMG Mining Machinery’s marketing team was already on the ground. After the inspection, more than one set of business and support plans were developed for us, which dispelled all our concerns."

Strong product strength and a complete service guarantee system allow XCMG's large-scale open-pit complete sets of mining equipment to be settled in more mines and become the main force in mining and stripping of mining areas. In the future, XCMG will continue to maintain strict standards and high requirements to provide good products and services to global mining customers.
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