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The Hoisting Height Is 185 Meters! XCMG XLC17000 Is The “World’s Tallest” Hybrid Tower Fan
Publication Date: 2023-09-19   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:6 Back
Recently, the world's first 185-meter onshore mixed-tower wind turbine was successfully hoisted. XCMG XLC17000 (1,250 tons) crawler crane played a major role in this construction.

The hoisting height is 185 meters! XCMG XLC17000 is the “world’s tallest” hybrid tower fan

The onshore hybrid tower wind turbine installed this time weighs about 130t, has a diameter of 191m, a blade length of 93m, and a hub center height of 185m. It is currently the highest hybrid tower wind turbine in the world for onshore wind power. According to actual wind parameter calculations, under the same wind resource conditions, the 185-meter hybrid tower wind turbine can increase the average annual power generation hours by 8.38% compared with the 160-meter model. It can significantly improve the development and utilization rate of my country's wind energy resources, attracting widespread attention in the industry. 

The hoisting height is 185 meters! XCMG XLC17000 is the “world’s tallest” hybrid tower fan

The difficulty of this wind power hoisting is that the lifting process of the impeller must be smooth enough, and it must overcome the influence of wind speed at an altitude of 185 meters, complete the "needle threading" action in the air, and align all 148 bolts on the impeller with the nacelle at one time. This requires the crane to have super lifting height, lifting performance and ultra-fine control system.

Under the working condition of super goose-head arm 192+8m, XCMG XLC17000 can perfectly meet the lifting requirements of the project. The series of intelligent auxiliary construction and environment sensing technologies enable "big men with great wisdom" to guide safe and efficient operations. The action is controlled by "one button", the steps are more streamlined, the micro-movement of the operation is more precise, and the construction accuracy reaches "millimeter level", which greatly shortens the "needle threading" time of the entire high-altitude alignment.

The hoisting height is 185 meters! XCMG XLC17000 is the “world’s tallest” hybrid tower fan
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