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Break Another Record! The Upgraded Version Of The "World's First Crane" XCA3000 Is Launched In Batches!
Publication Date: 2023-11-07   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:18 Back
Representing the technological innovation achievements of China’s super cranes

“The world’s first crane” XCMG XCA3000

Launched and launched the first three units in the world

A series of non-stop cool operations

Let the "world's best" strength be demonstrated

Break Another Record! The Upgraded Version Of The

The lifting capacity of XCMG XCA3000 wheeled crane can reach 3,000 tons. The lifting performance has been further improved through optimization of the jib system. By also installing a fan, the XCA3000 can save 20-30% of the lifting time. At a lifting height of 160 meters, It can achieve the ultimate lifting weight of 190 tons, once again breaking the world record for the highest and largest lifting weight of wheeled cranes.

Break Another Record! The Upgraded Version Of The

Nowadays, as one of the leading industries with peak carbon and carbon neutrality in China, wind power equipment manufacturing is developing in the direction of "higher, heavier and larger" large-scale development, and the lifting weight and lifting height are higher. Hoisting and installation equipment with more efficient high- and heavy-load transitions and safer technical support has become a necessary guarantee for the rapid development of my country's wind power industry.

"The country is now vigorously developing the new energy industry, and we need high-quality equipment as support. Out of trust and trust in the big brand of XCMG, as well as XCMG's good reputation, we choose to join hands with XCMG for a win-win situation." Deputy General Manager of Liaoning Kaisheng Electric Power Mr. Zhang said.

At present, XCMG mobile cranes have participated in the installation of more than 200,000 wind turbines, and the maintenance of more than 10,000 wind turbines. Among them, XCMG’s 1,600-ton and above super cranes have sold more than 100 units, and installed nearly 20,000 wind turbines. The annual average generation of clean electricity is 50 billion kilowatt-hours, which can meet the annual consumption of nearly 80 million households.
> Working Principle Of Grader And Its Advantages And Functions
[ 2023-11-15 ]
A grader is a mechanical equipment used for leveling on road construction sites. Its working principle is to use front-wheel drag and rear-wheel drive to bring a heavy-duty roller or planer into contact with the ground to remove or compact the uneven parts of the ground to smooth the road surface.
> West-East Gas Transmission | SHANTUI SP90-G Pipelayer Sets Up The National Energy Transmission Artery
[ 2023-11-02 ]
In recent years, our country has vigorously promoted the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure, and several national key projects have been accelerated and put into operation smoothly. In Turpan, Xinjiang, the SHANTUI SP90-G pipelayer plays an important role in the natural gas pipeline laying project by assisting Unit 2 of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau with its excellence and stability, helping the project construction to achieve phased progress. ​
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