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Working Principle Of Grader And Its Advantages And Functions
Publication Date: 2023-11-15   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:15 Back
A grader is a mechanical equipment used for leveling on road construction sites. Its working principle is to use front-wheel drag and rear-wheel drive to bring a heavy-duty roller or planer into contact with the ground to remove or compact the uneven parts of the ground to smooth the road surface.

Graders play a variety of important roles in mining. It can clean and level the surface, carry out extensive excavation and transportation work, and crush and screen ores. These functions and effects can greatly improve the efficiency of mining, reduce the labor intensity of workers, and reduce mining costs. Through the reasonable and effective use of graders, the mining industry will usher in more efficient and sustainable development.

A grader is a construction machine used for clearing and leveling land and has a variety of functions and features. First of all, graders are widely used in farmland, construction sites and other places, and can efficiently complete land leveling work. Its main functions include land clearing, land leveling and level surveying. Equipped with accessories such as curved blades, cutter heads, and lawn mowers, the grader can effectively clean up waste and weeds on the land, laying a solid foundation for subsequent land use.

All in all, the grader is simple to use and easy to operate. Ordinary users only need simple training to operate skillfully and improve construction efficiency. Moreover, the grader has high safety, and the machine can be operated through the remote control, reducing the risk of direct contact with personnel.

Working Principle Of Grader And Its Advantages And Functions
> LIUGONG Equipment And Technical Experts Set Out On The Expedition Aboard The "Snow Dragon"
[ 2023-11-23 ]
On the morning of November 1, China’s polar research ship Xuelong set off in Shanghai, marking the official launch of China’s 40th Antarctic scientific expedition. LIUGONG equipment and technology experts and the Antarctic scientific expedition team boarded the "Snow Dragon" and embarked on a scientific expedition journey that lasted more than five months.
> Break Another Record! The Upgraded Version Of The "World's First Crane" XCA3000 Is Launched In Batches!
[ 2023-11-07 ]
The lifting capacity of XCMG XCA3000 wheeled crane can reach 3,000 tons. The lifting performance has been further improved through optimization of the jib system. By also installing a fan, the XCA3000 can save 20-30% of the lifting time. At a lifting height of 160 meters, It can achieve the ultimate lifting weight of 190 tons, once again breaking the world record for the highest and largest lifting weight of wheeled cranes.
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