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LIUGONG Equipment And Technical Experts Set Out On The Expedition Aboard The "Snow Dragon"
Publication Date: 2023-11-23   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:7 Back
On the morning of November 1, China’s polar research ship Xuelong set off in Shanghai, marking the official launch of China’s 40th Antarctic scientific expedition. LIUGONG equipment and technology experts and the Antarctic scientific expedition team boarded the "Snow Dragon" and embarked on a scientific expedition journey that lasted more than five months.

This time,LIUGONG sent a total of 16 pieces of equipment to participate in the Antarctic scientific expedition. This is the largest single expedition of LIUGONG equipment to Antarctica. These "steel behemoths" will assist the Antarctic scientific expedition and China's fifth Antarctic scientific research station - —Completion of the Ross Sea new station construction task. At the same time, four technical experts from LIUGONG will also accompany the team on the expedition. This is also the largest number of technical experts sent by LIUGONG to participate in the Antarctic scientific expedition. Together with the two technical experts already in Antarctica, LIUGONG has a total of six technical experts who will join the expedition. Antarctica.

LIUGONG Equipment And Technical Experts Set Out On The Expedition Aboard The
As the construction machinery brand with the largest variety and quantity (sets) used in China’s polar scientific expeditions, LIUGONG has been supporting the national polar scientific expeditions for more than ten consecutive years, and has provided loaders, excavators, cranes, skid steer loaders, high-altitude Working platforms and other engineering machinery products, a total of more than 20 technical experts participated in the polar scientific expedition.

LIUGONG Equipment And Technical Experts Set Out On The Expedition Aboard The
During the Antarctic scientific expedition, LIUGONG technical experts shouldered the heavy responsibility of operating, repairing and maintaining mechanical equipment. In harsh environments such as extreme low temperatures, high altitudes, strong winds and strong ultraviolet rays, with their professional skills and responsibility, they successfully completed every mission and were highly recognized by the China Polar Science Research Center.

In the future,LIUGONG will keep up with the pace of the country, continue to deliver engineering machinery, equipment and talents, and continue to contribute to promoting my country's polar scientific expeditions to a new level.
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