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SANY SR405-S Rotary Drilling Rig With Large Hole And Deep Pile, Economical And Efficient
Publication Date: 2023-12-01   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:8 Back
In November 2023, the seaside of Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province is undergoing earth-shaking changes. The construction of Binhai Avenue in Yueqing City is in full swing.

Overview of working conditions: Pile foundation project of Binhai Avenue in Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. The pile depth is 110m, the pile diameter is 2m, and the number of piles required is 2,000. It is equipped with φ580×6×20.2m machine locking rod + 2m sand bucket. The construction geology is mainly Mainly soil and silt, the upper 30m is the silt layer, 30-70m is the soil layer, and 70-110m is the pebble layer.

SANY SR405-S Rotary Drilling Rig With Large Hole And Deep Pile, Economical And Efficient
Model features:

High cost performance: Users are very satisfied with the cost performance of SR405-S, thinking that its pricing is reasonable and the returns are generous. According to the boss, "the machine bought in September will be able to pay back its cost in the first half of 2023, and it is very cost effective."

Efficient construction: the power head torque is 405kN·M, the maximum speed of the main winch is 75m/min, and the compound movement is smooth, far exceeding other products of the same level. The customer is very satisfied, saying that "it can do one hole a day, which is much faster than rotary excavation at the same construction site." , the boss even made a special trip to see this machine."

Stable and reliable: special chassis for rotary excavation, low center of gravity, large spread, stable construction; box-type mast and double-boom luffing structure with strong ability to withstand alternating loads, optimized rope pole configuration, long service life; operator attaches great importance to reliability Evaluation: "It has been working continuously for more than 2 months without shutting down, and the stability and reliability of the drilling rig are very good."

Brand-new experience: intelligent cockpit, reasonable air outlet position and sealing design, keeping the cab in a low-noise and constant-temperature state; 6 new intelligent functions have been added to reduce the work intensity of the operator, and the standard centralized lubrication system saves time and labor in maintenance .

The construction strata for this time are mainly soil and silt layers, with 70-100m mixed with pebble layers. Through on-site monitoring, it was found that with the use of friction rods and sand buckets, the hole formation time for 110m piles is about 18 hours. Its construction efficiency and economical and reliable advantages have been highly recognized by customers, creating the best economic benefits for customers, and its high cost performance has been highly recognized by customers.
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[ 2023-12-06 ]
Focusing on the "double carbon" goal and promoting high-quality development of the coal industry, for a large logistics company in Shanxi that has always been at the forefront of coal transportation, the more intelligent, efficient, green and energy-saving XCMG XC968EV-Plus pure electric loader is the current Best choice.
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On the morning of November 1, China’s polar research ship Xuelong set off in Shanghai, marking the official launch of China’s 40th Antarctic scientific expedition. LIUGONG equipment and technology experts and the Antarctic scientific expedition team boarded the "Snow Dragon" and embarked on a scientific expedition journey that lasted more than five months.
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