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Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery
Publication Date: 2023-12-06   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:11 Back
Focusing on the "double carbon" goal and promoting high-quality development of the coal industry, for a large logistics company in Shanxi that has always been at the forefront of coal transportation, the more intelligent, efficient, green and energy-saving XCMG XC968EV-Plus pure electric loader is the current Best choice.

Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery

Recently, XCMG XC968EV-Plus was delivered in batches to a benchmark coal logistics company in Shanxi, responding to local green development requirements and helping customers achieve high-quality and sustainable development.

Make decisions before taking action, equipment first

This customer is very representative in the coal industry. It is responsible for the transfer business of more than 10 million tons of coal every year. The average annual operation time of the loader is 3,000-4,000 hours. The construction intensity is evident, and it puts forward high requirements for equipment performance.

"Working overtime is normal. Shoveling, loading, transporting and unloading are all done in one go. XCMG can handle it easily." The customer fully affirmed the XCMG loader.

Excellent products can retain customers. Since 2020, this customer became associated with XCMG due to 4 LW500KV units. After the customer responded to the local environmental protection initiative to replace pure electric equipment, and XCMG XC968EV-Plus was delivered in batches, the customer currently owns more than 50 XCMG loaders.

Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery

In line with the concept of "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets", the local government requires coal transfer operations to be carried out in closed greenhouses. There is a lot of dust in the sheds and is not easy to spread, and the operating environment is relatively harsh.

"Equipment with good sealing performance will be easier to maintain and the driver will feel refreshed when operating it." XCMG was the first in China to adopt fully enclosed micro-pressurized cab technology, reaching the ultra-high IP67 international standard and effectively preventing dust.

"The operation is flexible and the work is vigorous. After a day's work, not only is there not much dust on the body, but also not so tired when I come out of the cab. Everyone loves to drive XCMG's pure electric loaders!" The customer specially selected a 350kW·h extended-range battery, and Heavy Industry Even if you have enough motivation, you can work for a whole class.

Electrification of equipment is a general trend

To move towards sustainable and high-quality development, electrification is undoubtedly one of the best solutions at present. "Switching to electric trains has been on the agenda a long time ago. What we worry most about is operating capacity and charging performance." Before purchasing, the customer fully inspected the electric loader products on the market.

Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery

"We sent machine operators to learn from colleagues, and contacted manufacturers to arrange actual trials in the factory. We found that XCMG is more cost-effective. The performance is significantly better than that of fuel vehicles of the same tonnage. XCMG's 'three-motor' technical solution is purely electric and has zero emissions. , the maintenance cost is lower; the whole vehicle is equipped with two charging ports and supports dual-gun fast charging. The phone can be charged when the operator is taking a break and changing shifts. The advantages are obvious!" When talking about why he finally chose XCMG, the person in charge said Come on.

In order to better serve customers, XCMG provides sufficient spare parts and dispatches full-time personnel to provide on-site services to ensure the efficient operation of loaders. "With this batch of XCMG trams, we are very confident that the factory will increase its production capacity. We are also planning to gradually replace existing fuel vehicles with XCMG trams." When it comes to the company's development, the person in charge said freely.

Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery

Win in technology, win in products, win in service, follow up on customer needs and create value for customers. In the implementation of the "No. 1 Project" of Chairman of the Board of Intelligent Transformation, Digital Transformation and Internet Connection, XCMG loaders continue to draw on endogenous power, and in Continue to lead the industry in the journey of electrification!
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