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European Market Achieves Another Breakthrough, ZOOMLION Appears At SMOPYC Exhibition In Spain
Publication Date: 2023-12-14   Promulgator:Admin   Clicks:9 Back
Recently, the 2023 Spanish Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the SMOPYC Exhibition) was held in Zaragoza, Spain. Zoomlion participated in the exhibition with concrete pump trucks, excavators, skid steer loaders and other products to further establish its brand in overseas high-end markets and win the favor of customers.

European Market Achieves Another Breakthrough, Zoomlion Appears At SMOPYC Exhibition In Spain

△Zoomlion appeared at the 2023 SMOPYC exhibition in Spain
As one of the three major international construction machinery exhibitions in Europe, SMOPYC has a high influence in Spain and even the entire European market. The total area of this exhibition is 147,000 square meters, with thousands of companies participating, covering countries from China, Russia, and the United States. Nearly 90,000 professional audiences from well-known construction machinery manufacturers from many countries, including Brazil and Australia, witnessed this industry event.

At the exhibition site, intelligently manufactured products in Aurora Green “lit up” the entire venue. These products are high-quality, high-performance, and good-looking, reflecting Zoomlion’s innovative concepts and leading technologies, and can meet “performance requirements.” The European customer requirements of "high-tech, technology-intensive, stringent regulations and difficult market access" attracted many visitors to watch and consult. The 36-meter concrete boom pump truck exhibited by Zoomlion achieved on-site sales and reached multiple contracts; Zoomlion's earthmoving machinery made its debut at the Spanish exhibition and was a blockbuster, winning a total of over 30 million intended orders.

European Market Achieves Another Breakthrough, Zoomlion Appears At SMOPYC Exhibition In Spain

△The audience took photos with the Zoomlion skid steer loader

Zoomlion Earthmoving Machinery focused on displaying models below 5 tons, including ZE18GU, ZE26GU, ZE35GU mini excavators and ZS090V skid steer loaders. Based on the actual situation of the local market, the company has conducted special inspections on cabs, engines, etc. Adaptability improvement, convenient maintenance and compliance with European operating habits can better meet customer needs. "I focused on inspecting these mini-excavators. They work efficiently, are reasonably designed, and are safe and comfortable to operate. The ZOOMLION is great!" a local agent representative praised.

European Market Achieves Another Breakthrough, Zoomlion Appears At SMOPYC Exhibition In Spain

△Customers understand Zoomlion excavator products

Since the beginning of this year, Zoomlion's new generation of construction machinery products have accelerated its expansion into the European market, achieved business breakthroughs in many countries, significantly increased brand awareness, and continued to expand the "circle of friends" of "Belt and Road" customers.
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