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> European Market Achieves Another Breakthrough, ZOOMLION Appears At SMOPYC Exhibition In Spain
[ 2023-12-14 ]
Recently, the 2023 Spanish Construction Machinery and Mining Machinery Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the SMOPYC Exhibition) was held in Zaragoza, Spain. Zoomlion participated in the exhibition with concrete pump trucks, excavators, skid steer loaders and other products to further establish its brand in overseas high-end markets and win the favor of customers.
> Super Popular! XCMG Leads The Way In Electrification Of Loading Machinery
[ 2023-12-06 ]
Focusing on the "double carbon" goal and promoting high-quality development of the coal industry, for a large logistics company in Shanxi that has always been at the forefront of coal transportation, the more intelligent, efficient, green and energy-saving XCMG XC968EV-Plus pure electric loader is the current Best choice.
> SANY SR405-S Rotary Drilling Rig With Large Hole And Deep Pile, Economical And Efficient
[ 2023-12-01 ]
In November 2023, the seaside of Yueqing City, Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province is undergoing earth-shaking changes. The construction of Binhai Avenue in Yueqing City is in full swing.
> LIUGONG Equipment And Technical Experts Set Out On The Expedition Aboard The "Snow Dragon"
[ 2023-11-23 ]
On the morning of November 1, China’s polar research ship Xuelong set off in Shanghai, marking the official launch of China’s 40th Antarctic scientific expedition. LIUGONG equipment and technology experts and the Antarctic scientific expedition team boarded the "Snow Dragon" and embarked on a scientific expedition journey that lasted more than five months.
> Working Principle Of Grader And Its Advantages And Functions
[ 2023-11-15 ]
A grader is a mechanical equipment used for leveling on road construction sites. Its working principle is to use front-wheel drag and rear-wheel drive to bring a heavy-duty roller or planer into contact with the ground to remove or compact the uneven parts of the ground to smooth the road surface.
> Break Another Record! The Upgraded Version Of The "World's First Crane" XCA3000 Is Launched In Batches!
[ 2023-11-07 ]
The lifting capacity of XCMG XCA3000 wheeled crane can reach 3,000 tons. The lifting performance has been further improved through optimization of the jib system. By also installing a fan, the XCA3000 can save 20-30% of the lifting time. At a lifting height of 160 meters, It can achieve the ultimate lifting weight of 190 tons, once again breaking the world record for the highest and largest lifting weight of wheeled cranes.
> West-East Gas Transmission | SHANTUI SP90-G Pipelayer Sets Up The National Energy Transmission Artery
[ 2023-11-02 ]
In recent years, our country has vigorously promoted the construction of oil and gas pipeline network infrastructure, and several national key projects have been accelerated and put into operation smoothly. In Turpan, Xinjiang, the SHANTUI SP90-G pipelayer plays an important role in the natural gas pipeline laying project by assisting Unit 2 of China Petroleum Pipeline Bureau with its excellence and stability, helping the project construction to
> SANY's First Monocrystalline Silicon Rod Is Rolled Off The Assembly Line
[ 2023-10-30 ]
On October 6, the first monocrystalline silicon rod from SANY Silicon Energy Co., Ltd. in Shuozhou was successfully produced, marking the project’s official put into operation and injecting strong power into the future industrial-scale deployment. ​
> The Highest In The Industry! XCMG Launches China's First 40-Meter Straight Curved Arm Ladder Fire Truck
[ 2023-10-19 ]
On October 10, the highest in the industry and the first in China
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