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> 42 LIUGONG Electric Loaders Delivered In Batches
[ 2023-10-13 ]
On October 7, 42 LIUGONG loaders were assembled and delivered in batches to a major steel customer in North my country.
> Conquering Extreme Working Conditions LIUGONG Equipment Speaks For Itself With Strength
[ 2023-09-21 ]
In the midsummer of August, LIUGONG's overseas trip reporting team visited Uzbekistan, Asia's only double landlocked country, and went deep into cement plants, coal mining areas, road construction and other working conditions to experience the strong strength of LIUGONG's equipment. Uzbekistan is far away from the ocean and suffers from drought and little rain all year round. Therefore, most areas are hot, dry and dusty in summer, which places hi
> LONKING N Series Straw Grabber Makes Straw Recycling More Efficient
[ 2023-09-20 ]
Promoting the comprehensive utilization of crop straw is an important measure to improve the quality of farmland, improve the agricultural and rural ecological environment, and accelerate the green and low-carbon development of agriculture.
> The Hoisting Height Is 185 Meters! XCMG XLC17000 Is The “World’s Tallest” Hybrid Tower Fan
[ 2023-09-19 ]
Recently, the world's first 185-meter onshore mixed-tower wind turbine was successfully hoisted. XCMG XLC17000 (1,250 tons) crawler crane played a major role in this construction. ​
> The King Of Efficiency! XCMG Super Equipment Competes In Plateau Copper Mines
[ 2023-09-12 ]
Tibet's Yulong Copper Mine, with an altitude of more than 5,400 meters, is one of the world's extreme construction conditions. The permafrost layer that does not thaw all year round and the high-altitude and cold climate are a challenge for both people and machines. However, this is where XCMG open-pit mining equipment A stage to show off your talents.
> 27h, 2640m, XCMG Set A New Record For Directional Drilling In Nigeria!
[ 2023-08-31 ]
27 hours non-stop construction 2640 meters of oil pipeline laying XCMG Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Create a new construction record in Nigeria
> Professional Tips For Choosing An Excavator
[ 2023-08-15 ]
There are two main types of excavators, one is the wheeled excavator and the other is the crawler excavator. Both configurations have their own advantages and disadvantages. You must first determine which configuration is best for your needs. Then you need to determine whether you need a "standard" excavator or a specially configured excavator. There aren't many structural differences between different excavators, even when changing from one bran
> How A Crane Works?
[ 2023-08-07 ]
Hoisting machinery is a kind of machinery that can lift vertically and move objects horizontally within a certain range. It is an important tool and equipment for modern industrial enterprises to realize mechanization and automation of production processes and improve the production efficiency of heavy manual labor.At present, it is usually classified according to the main purpose and structural characteristics of the crane. Classified according
> 400+260! XCMG's 100-ton "Mine Giant" Coordinates South America!
[ 2023-08-03 ]
​In this vibrancy, the "Mine Giants" wielding giant steel shovels and clanging operations - XCMG's 400-ton electro-hydraulic excavator and 260-ton double-axle rigid mine car are particularly eye-catching. ​This group from the Chinese brand The complete set of mines has successfully taken root in this mine with the pioneering spirit of "hard work, hard work and hard work".
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